Matt Paul labors in the State department mailroom. He lives with the fear he will eventually succumb to the mental illness that runs in his family. After a horrible showing in the Foreign Service Exam, he is given a surprise assignment as special attaché for an aging career diplomat.  When his new boss begins to talk of an advanced civilization with unthinkable technology that communicates via telepathy, Matt considers it the ramblings of an old man suffering from dementia…until he too is contacted. 

But does Arkadia really exist? 

Is his boss engaging the ruse of a crazy old man to commit espionage? 

Or is Matt finally exhibiting symptoms of mental illness himself?

Embroiled in an ever-expanding mystery, Matt becomes a double agent for the CIA, falls for the coffee cart girl and jets across the Atlantic in search of Arkadia. 

Or is it all just in his head?

Nicholl Awards Semi-finalist

Comedy/Political Thriller

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