Untitled Everett Ruess Project

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In 1934, a 20 year-old artist, writer and adventurer named Everett Ruess carved the word Nemo into the soft red sandstone of Southern Utah. 

He was never seen or heard from again. 

In 1966, work was completed on the Glen Canyon Dam. The Colorado River was tamed and Lake Powell created. Seventeen years later Powell reached its highest point. Everett’s message and any clue as to what happened to him were lost to the waters.

This fictionalized story is inspired by these true events.

In 1955, Roy Barnett learns of the story of Everett while working as engineer on the dam. Roy soon discovers the local town holds more than one dark secret. He is determined to discover the truth of what happened to Everett and possibly finally understand his own demons. 

Period Drama/Western.

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