Ally McBeal

Ally McBeal was a cultural phenomenon in the late 1990's. The uni-sex bathroom, the use of music and ALly's fantasy flashbacks and asides - it remade what a TV show could and should be. It blazed the trail for later offbeat hits like 30 ROCK, VEEP and CRAZY EX-GIRLFIRIEND.

And being married to an attorney I also thought it was funny.

Here are two specs I wrote. Below are links to actual episodes.


"King Richard"

Click HERE for a script.


"It Had To Be You"

Click HERE for a script.


Links to Ally McBeal clips on YouTube:

The Unisex Bathroom

The music of Ally McBeal HERE, HERE and HERE too.

The Dancing Baby

An Ally McBeal Fantasy aside.

Watch entire episodes on Hulu. (Unpaid promotional link.)